Theory Disproven by Dretzle

This is my take on why MiB is trapped in Locke's form.

Core Theory Statement

MiB is stuck as Locke due to the way he appeared on Hyrda island, more so he appeared in water.


This has to be something that Ilana has seen, or done.

Ilana buried Locke

Not the cause as she made her statement before this happened.

Ilana brought Locke's body to the statue

This was more to show people than anything else, she also took it away from the statue. Not the cause.

Ilana burnt the cabin down

Burning a cabin belonging to Jacob traps the MiB in his current form? We know nothing about the cabin other than it was surrounded by ash. It doesn't make sense that the mechanism for MiB being able to change shape is kept in Jacob's cabin. Not the cause.

Jacob died

Killing Jacob enough to fix MiB's form? Doesn't seem logical, I don't buy it. But it is a possibility given how little we know about the relationship between the two of them.

MiB appeared as Locke on Hydra

The first time we've seen a MiB appearance on Hydra is the form that he is stuck in. It's possible, but there is nothing special we know about Hydra that suggests that this would be the case.

MiB appeared as Locke in the water on Hyrdra Island.

This is my pick.


  • It is a fact that Ilana knows, so pass my criteria.

ILANA: Roxanne was scouting just south of here, and he was just standing in the water. He's wearing a suit. The Life & Death of Jeremy Bentham

  • The water appearance was the first time he appeared as Locke and he hasn't been seen in another form since. (Assuming Assumption 1).
  • He eats and savours a mango. Perhaps now he is stuck in a form, he can feel again? At the time it was interpreted as John being glad to be alive. Perhaps MiB had the same emotion?

Assumption 1

MiB is not Christian.


MiB was trapped in Locke's form when he travelled to the Hydra Island and appeared in the water.

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