• Hawkdeath

    Skip week Episode...

    April 22, 2010 by Hawkdeath

    What one episode are you going to watch in skip week? Are you going with the repeat or are you planning to watch a different one in that time slot?

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    Thoughts after ELH

    April 15, 2010 by Hawkdeath

    It's standard ghost theory territory now:

    • They're still here because they can't let go
    • They feel guilt over something they have done
    • They have unfinished business that they need to take care of
    • The way forward for them is blocked by some unknown power
    • They failed to drift off to the light when the opportunity was there for them
    • Or for a slightly more lost-ified view: The island isn't done with them yet.

    • the whispers were associated with the Others! If you had to spend eternity on a god forsaken rock, you'd watch the most interesting events on the island too.
    • what about Harper? it's my pet idea that there is a secret mode of transport that the Others use that stimulates whisper activity. (Hence Ben's warning to Rousseau)

    I know there were no whispers …

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  • Hawkdeath

    MiB's Locked in Shape

    March 18, 2010 by Hawkdeath

    Theory Disproven by Dretzle

    This is my take on why MiB is trapped in Locke's form.

    MiB is stuck as Locke due to the way he appeared on Hyrda island, more so he appeared in water.

    This has to be something that Ilana has seen, or done.

    Not the cause as she made her statement before this happened.

    This was more to show people than anything else, she also took it away from the statue. Not the cause.

    Burning a cabin belonging to Jacob traps the MiB in his current form? We know nothing about the cabin other than it was surrounded by ash. It doesn't make sense that the mechanism for MiB being able to change shape is kept in Jacob's cabin. Not the cause.

    Killing Jacob enough to fix MiB's form? Doesn't seem logical, I don't buy it. But it is a possibility…

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  • Hawkdeath

    My Questions List

    March 13, 2010 by Hawkdeath

    This is my "The Questions I Want Answers To Before the End of LOST".

    These are more ideas than full blown theorems, if anyone wants more detail I'm happy to try and do a follow up post on why I think that.

    (Assuming I have anything to base it on.)

    I don't want to know that question xxx has been stated in "podcast 123" or "interview whenever" that the producers have said they won't answer it or they will answer it. I've tried to avoid things like that and hope no one will post anything like that on this page.

    This section is questions that I really want to know

    Jailer and Prisoner. MIB has been Jacob's prisoner, forced into protecting the island.

    Even tho this is A.2, it's the one I left to last to try and answer. I think it's because his motives…

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  • Hawkdeath

    This is my take on the origin of the flash sideways timeline (FST).

    The FST is what would have happened if Oceanic Flight 815 hadn't crashed.

    Diagram 1 is the OT, charting the movements of the survivors of Oceanic 815 through the time stream. If 815 had never crashed, then the earliest event that would have changed is the meeting with the Others in 1954.

    Diagram 1 is a closed system (to date), for time to have moved along it's axis, life must have moved along it's axis the same everytime. There is no first time through the system. The system is and always has been in order to exist.

    These statements are based on the following assumptions:

    We take Faraday's statement of "Whatever Happened, Happened" as fact. The events in the past have always be…

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