I have been re watching the entire series. A completely different experience the second time around with no commercial interruptions and the ability to really focus on the WHOLE picture. We all know that black and white is a theme throughout the show BUT, I have noticed the use of the color RED is SCREAMING as a reoccurring theme. From shirts, shoes, objects, lights--you name it. In season 3 The Man From Tallahassee Ben's entire kitchen is full of the color RED as well. But what made me really notice that the use of this color has to mean something is when Ben is putting away the chicken that John had just eaten (on a RED plate). As he opens the refrigerator I immediately noticed NOT only were the contents rearranged, but there was a new item strategically placed in perfect view. It was a bottle of RED liquid (probably juice--who cares). But it was blatantly obvious that it was supposed to be noticed. Aside from the red--I also noted that the glass pitcher that once contained a very full orange liquid, was then an almost empty pitcher of what appeared to be milk. 

I have also noticed that almost every character has either blue eyes or green eyes (which are subject to change). At one point Jacks eyes were a very true blue, yet his eyes are hazel. It is very rare that we see someone (other than distinct races) with brown eyes.

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