this is a two parter. first d.y.n when younger eloise comes in the house and is crying. could this be that after she shot and killed daniel that she left the island imediatly and went to see young daniel. the character looked identical in age in both scenes and maybe even the same clothes on as well. that would mean that charles committed the hostile crime way before being kicked off the island. proberly being ratted out by eloise herself.????? second d.y.n when daniel walks into the camp and points the gun at richard. he looks scared of being shot. he flinched when the gun was fired and he thought it was daniels. he might not be immortal at all but just cheating death somehow (which adds more to his own mystery)??????. alot of people have been blogging about the late daniel and those clips during commercial breaks but these two things were on my mind the most after the show ended. im glad they (the writers) stuck a fork in the who staged the crash, and that eli is eloise, and also that the swan wasnt built over/near the jughead. hope to get a lot of comments and a new line of blogs not about daniel being dead or how people didnt like the episode.

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