Think about it. Jack and Sayid use the journal's instructions to blow up the bomb. The journal is then found 30 years later in Ben's office at Hydra Island by Caeser.

Who's been using it? Dharma? Ben? The Others? The Losties? As well, there are new heiroglyphics on Daniel's map, which weren't there when we saw his map in Season 4. Does this indicate that Jack/Sayid time-travel to the time when Egyptians were on the island, perhaps because of the H-bomb? And how did Ben get the journal, what's he done with it? Or has Dharma been using it, perhaps for their experiments?

And does this prove that whatever happened happened? If Jack hadn't used Faraday's journal to blow the bomb up, why would it be in ben/dharmas possession with new writings on it? Just like Chang's arm, which wouldn't have been injured as we've seen in Orientation vids if it hadn't been for them 'stopping' the incident?

Or will perhaps the writers forget about it, and not tie up the loose end? Comment at will.

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