These thoughts occured to be after 'Across the Sea', after we learned that MIB was turned to smoke monster because of the Source.

- What if Jacob's last words, "They're coming", refers to Desmond? Yes, it may have referred to the candidates jumping through time. To me, either seems possible: the people who prevent MIB from leaving the island, the person who is apparently dangerous to him.

- As Sayid says, Desmond is important because MIB wants him dead. Is Desmond important because the Swan Discharge was the closest thing possible to what MIB went through?

- Ben and Locke both must have went through similar things when they turned the wheel, so close to the light. Right? On an unrelated note, did the Others know much about the Source? Ben knew that when he went to the Exit, the year was 2005. And Widmore had some knowledge.

- Speaking of which, this Source seems to have lots of properties. It can teleport an island through time, a specific person the desert Exit, create smoke monsters, etc. I'm assuming this is the exact same electromagnetic power from the Swan, especially since the connection to Eko throwing Charlie's belt when MIB threw his knife. Can this power also travel to the sideways timeline, or is that only possible at Widmore's Electric Sauna? Do you think the FST somehow has to do with the creation of the smoke monster? Probably not. Or that maybe the fact that Desmond has a connection to the Source and the FST is what makes him dangerous to MIB.

- Random connection: centuries later, Dharma is drilling wells to the exact same pocket of energy. This may seem to be out of the blue, but really, this Source has been alluded to (and the motive for conflict between maybe secondary groups) for seasons.

- Is this the same beautiful white light Locke saw in Walkabout? Or at least, part of the light?

- What's MIB hiding underground? He lives under the temple through the creepy grate, he tries to pull Locke down into a 'cerebus vent'. Does he have undergound tunnels because they're close the Source, and he's trying to get a bit closer? What does he think about that beautiful light now that he's been smokey-fied?

- To summarize, the Source is what makes the island special. I'm assuming. Dammit, this is a confusing episode. Anyways, the fact that Desmond is special because of the Source, that Locke alludes to the wells, and we're only learning about the Source now makes me believe that the Source will be very important in the Finale. Perhaps it'll be how they stop MIB. Trap him in a glorious pit of sunshine.

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