Poster troubles, anybody?

I'm just wondering if anybody else is feeling the same way..

So, today was the release of the 11th poster. I wasn't able to get any of the first 10 in time, so I was excited when I got up at 4 this morning and waited for an hour and a half.

Waiting for the poster to be up for grabs, at 5:28, I hit the refresh button. Turns out, between 5:25 and 5:26, all 300 copies of the poster were sold.

Is anyone else a little surprised about how competitive this is becoming? Im a tad peeved at all the people who have bought all 11 posters; I know it's all fair and that everyone's still paying for it, but it seems as though nobody has a chance. :(

Please, share any thoughts about posters and such. To be honest, I actually have enjoyed this 'ARG' a lot, even though it's so frustrating.

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