I'm asking anyone who's been following the Damon, Carlton, and a Polar Bear ARG for help. Is there any way you can register your credit card information before you buy a poster?

I'm asking because the competition is getting vicious. For those who have not bought a poster yet, they must click the 'Buy Now' button, fill in their info, then buy their poster. For people who have aleady bought a poster, however, their credit card information is already in the system. Those precious moments may not seem important, but the most recent poster sold out all 300 copies in 10 seconds. There is no time to type in your credit card number, let alone consider whether you believe the poster is worth $50...

The reason I'm peeved is that previous buyers have the edge, so the only people who are getting the new posters are those who have already have at least one poster. This includes people who are putting them up on eBay! I'm sure there are hundreds of Lost fans who've yet to get one.

So please, does anyone know if you can put your information in before the poster goes up for sale? Then at least everyone would have a fair chance; I can imagine there are lots of frustrated lost fans who'd love a chance to get at least one poster.

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