We all want to see Desmond back in the thick of the jungle, as opposed to being the only main character not on the island. There have been lots of questions about Desmond, whether or not he'll even return the show (he's got to though, or else). But how will he tie into the plot if he never wants to go back to the island?

The only way Desmond would ever go back to the island is if he has to. Like, he has to, no other way of changing it. I hope that he starts getting flashes of someone dying again. Maybe he has a flash of everyone on the island dying, and he HAS to go to the island to save them. Perhaps he sees Penny dying, and the only way to save her is getting back to the island.

And maybe, just maybe, this will relate to his final flash of Charlie. We HAVE to get some backstory on that, or at least have it resolved, or else I will be very upset. He said he saw Claire getting on a helicopter and leaving the island, but that never happened. Will it ever happen, or did he just say that to get Charlie to die. What did he actually see? Him happy with Penny, but only if Charlie died? Or something worse?

I just really hope that his flashes come back into the show. I think thats the only logical way that he'd want to go back to the island.

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