This is makes the most logical sense in my mind, judging from information from Everybody Loves Hugo and The Last Recruit. Believe what you will.

The Whispers (assuming you believe Michael)

  • The whispers are the dead who can't move on, kind of like purgatory
  • The dead whisperers are contained (for the most part) to the island
  • The dead whisperers can be seen in corpeal form to only Hurley (for the most part)

Christian (assuming you believe MIB)

  • Everytime we've seen Christian on the island, he's been a manifestation of MIB

Relation to The Others (my own assumptions)

  • The others are not related to the whispers; they may or may not understand them, but they do fear them
  • The dead whisperers can occasionally be seen in corpeal form to the living; for example, perhaps Harper was delivering a message to Juliet from beyond the grave, using knowledge she gained from her post-living state(Season 4, The Other Woman)
  • Cindy Chandler was somehow tricked or captured by the whispers, that is how she went missing from Ana Lucia's group without any sightings of Others (Season 2, The Other 48 Days)

The Whispers Off-Island (my own assumptions)

  • Any time we've seen Christian Shepard or Libby off the island alongside the whispers, they were their dead selves in corpeal form; in other words, NOT the Man In Black. Both appear to Michael on the freighter, and Libby and Christian appear to Michael and Jack off-island respectively (Season 4 Meet Kevin Johnson, Something Nice Back Home, There's No Place Like Home)

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