The 2008 remake of The Andromeda Strain (originally written my Michael Crichton, author of Jurassic Park) has 2 things in common with Lost: Daniel Dae Kim and time-travelling paradoxes.

By paradox, i give Locke/Richard's compass as an example. Locke was given it by Richard in 2007. He then proceeded to give it to 1953 Richard. Richard kept it until 2007, in which he gave it to Locke. It's a cycle. However, where did the compass come from? Locke and Richard got it from Richard and Locke. No one ever made the compass, it never is 'born' or 'dies', it simply is in existance only because of the time loop.

In the Andromeda Strain, present-day American satellites come across this bacteria-chemical thing (named Andromeda) that spreads across the country, killing everything. As biologists (like Daniel Dae Kim) find out, it's alive, yet it doesn't have DNA. It can communicate, but it doesn't really live. And it has a binary code sealing. It's this weird thing that they have no idea how it came to be. They later uncover that it was sent to them through a black hole from humans in their future, because the only way of destroying it is a fossil feul that they used up over the past/future X years. The biologist kill it all except for one sample. We are left to interpret that the one sample presumably causes the outbreak of Andromeda in the future. Therefore, it was never created at all. That explains why it has such weird characteristics; it was never biologically meant to be.

Now, how does this relate to lost? In a post i wrote yesterday (, i asked if it was possible if the Incident created the monster. Commenters theorized if the monster was sealed in there already, and that the monster predates Dharma.

Perhaps these two are very similar. A weird black chemical that kills everything yet biologically doesn't make sense, vs. a weird black smoke cloud that flies around, judging and killing people. Andromeda=Monster in some weird way?

Maybe the monster is sent from present day (2007-ish) to when Ancient Egyptians were on the island (hence the heiroglyphics of the monster), and the Egyptians seal it into an electromagnetic chamber to protect themselves. Then, the Losties indirectly release it from it's cell during the Incident. 30 years later, the monster is sent back into Ancient Egypt time.. see the similarities?

Now I know that this post is a bit out there. But perhaps this is why Jack was so certain that he was supposed to drop a nuclear bomb into a pocket of electromagnetic matter. It's his destiny to release the Monster.

Comments? Too outlandish of a theory, perhaps?

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