So, thoughts on the newest episode? I personally loved it, it was great to get both some intricate backstory and take a breathe before the Widmore/Man In Black plunge. I couldn't help but draw Pirates of the Caribbean similarities, though. :)

I think that, for the most part, the episode also confirmed lots of the Jacob/MIB assumptions we've had. It was nice to know that it is indeed all Jacob's responsibility to keep MIB on the island (loved the bottle/cork analogy), and that Jacob can be killed in the same way, via a knife before he has a chance to speak. Obviously MIB can survive a knife attack if he has spoken (confirmed by Sayid), but why was it so important to MIB that Richard not let Jacob speak, when Ben was able to kill him after a lengthly conversation? And why didn't MIB come to Richard sooner at his moment of weakness? Did he for any reason want to give Richard a chance to talk to Hurley, or was he actually just too slow? And I'm assuming that when Richard saw his wife in the Black Rock, she was a smoke monster manifestation, attempting to manipulate him?

Overall a great, full episode that I think we've all been waiting for. I did groan, however, when Richard just couldn't reach the nail with his bound hands, yet both of his feet were untied and could have reached. Thoughts about the episode?

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