• Harrare

    I was wondering: Did Mr. Paik also send Jin to be killed in the original reality as he did in the alternate? Think for a moment, his daughter was having an affair, she was trying to leave him, and Jin couldn't have children... all reasons to get him out of the scene.

    I have an impression that the mission given to Jin in the first Oceanic flight, to deliver the watch, was the same. Of course I don´t think Lost will reveal this in this last season...

    One more hint: the way Sun destroy her father as "revenge", maybe she found something about it.

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  • Harrare


    February 4, 2010 by Harrare

    As I guessed in this previous post (User_blog:Harrare/Theory:_Waves), the island ended up under the sea.

    Do you also think that the waves in the promos are some kind of clue of how the island is going to sink?

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  • Harrare

    Theory: Waves

    January 13, 2010 by Harrare

    I have a theory for this last season... the island is going to sink (or something like that). Why? Well I only have two clues:

    1) The official poster - in the first version, that was showed in comic-con, there were just some clouds, and then, in the final version, we have these strange and bad designed "waves" where the skies supposed to be... very odd...

    2) The Mr. Clucks advertisement in Lost University (, Hurley with a surf board? Common!!! And those giant waves when he opens the door...

    Am I just seeing things or do you also think there is something happening here?

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  • Harrare


    September 17, 2009 by Harrare

    I was reading the portuguese Lostpedia blogs and saw a post about a deleted scene from season 4 (included in the DVD release extras), called "desert stash" where we see Ben looking to a duplicate of himself. Any relation with the "anti-Locke", just a bad edition or a dropped idea?

    Original episode scene

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