I have been reading the blogposts during the past few weeks and have gradually come to the realization that what we are all doing is making desperate attempts to give personal meanings to the mystery that was Lost. We could keep doing this for months after the series finale, because everything about the series is open-ended and subject to personal interpretation. And I am not talking about the open-ended "greatness" of many serious literary works. This here is a futile exercise - meaningfull to some I'll give you that - a bit like trying to theorize about what is inside a wrapped birthday present given to you by a total stranger. You can maybe tell what it is by its size, its weight and the noise it makes when you shake it. The thing is there are numerous objects having the same characteristics with respect to these three attributes. We would eventually have to make a leap of faith and come up with an object we would like the box to contain. The island rests on the back of giant turtle waltzing its way through space (you saw a turtle lying on the beach in Across the Sea, didn't you - it could be a clue), with a bunch of alien spaceships inside its intestines performing colonoscopy and using flashing lights to guide them through. And all this because I kinda like Terry Pratchett.

What we should really be asking ourselves, and I believe it to be the only honest and meaningful thing to do, is what the hell went wrong in the beginning of S6.

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