There has been an ongoing debate about the consistency of the show, about the existence or the non-existence of an original plan, about what is important and what not, about what should be answered and what not and about what would a satisfying explanation to a mystery should feel like. I have written in other posts that I love the show, blah, blah, which is still true. But it seems that many mysteries that have intrigued us over the years are being swept under the rug. I have read many posts saying that the details are not important and that we should only care about the bigger picture. Ok, I agree. There are more pressing matters. I would however like to know what do people think about the so called "secondary" mysteries. These mysteries are not secondary to me, because they are so many and have contributed a lot to the whole appeal of the show. As an example I will use the Black Rock. Was the fact that the Black Rock was lying in the middle of the jungle an important mystery to you or not?--Harisg 11:17, March 29, 2010 (UTC)

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