Ok, I do not expect they will answer, say, what happened to the dead body of Kelvin Inmann, but they should and could (mind you I accept for example the fact that they can't re-address the DI so late in the game) IMO the following (in no particular order):

- what's the story in Walt looming over the wounded Lock in the Pit?

- why can't (some) pregnant women give birth on the island?

- who was the resident of the cabin? Was it a jail or a safe place?

- WHAT'S IT WITH THE EGYPTIANS? Who finished the DW?

- Was Mrs Hawking working for MIB? How did she know everything (even things not in Faraday's Journal) beforehand?

- How could Jacob travel off the island?

- How could MIB project Christian off the island?

- What's in Claire's pandora's box (Smokey?)and where is Christian's body in the FST?

- Some more details on the dead people roaming the island

- What does protecting the light entail?

- What are the rules (examples of their function)?

- What is the FST and Desmond's role? (ok this one is a winner)

- The color of the water in the Temple and the nature of Sayid's illness

- Why the hell did smokey become a judge and was he existing before MIB's rush down the drain?

- Did science have anything to do with it all? Is electromagnetism and the light the one and the same?

- THE EYES, THE EYES! (ok, probably another winner)

- More on Ben's role in the good/evil struggle. What happened to him in the temple when he was little? Is it related to the illness?

- Why the heck did (some) candidates flashed to 1977? (see Ajira flight sequence)

- Why will the world end if smokey escapes?

- Why should someone in his right mind keep 20 kgs of C4 in his house?

- Was the H-bomb responsible for the FST after all?

Please add, remove or comment.

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