How exactly does the protector protect the light? Mama crazy hair was a protector of the light, so that others would never find it but what did she do exactly? For example, she could stand guard, but wouldn't that disclose the location? She could surround the source with her happy thoughts or she could chant a protection spell every day after breakfast. Again, like so many things after all, it does not make sense.

Or does it? Maybe the protector of the light is the smoke monster itself, and that's what we saw it do: absorb MIB's soul to protect the source. Which means that Mama was the protector of the protector, or more reasonably, the one who controls the smoke monster. Then smokey is a security mechanism, just as Russeault had said. Maybe that's why Darlton, during the last podcast, said something about a "dragon" showing up in AtS. A dragon typically protects the treasure, in this case the Source/Force.

I am afraid that this reasonable scenario has two main drawbacks: a) it does not stick with Jacob explaining to Richard that his purpose was to contain evil on the island and thus be a protector of the world (he did not say anything about preventing others from finding the light), b) it would involve the smoke monster being there before MIB and the scene we saw was not the genesis of the smoke monster. Unfortunately I believe that the intention was to show the genesis of smokey despite the profound sloppines of such an explanation.

Any thoughts welcome. --Harisg 19:03, May 15, 2010 (UTC)

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