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February 25, 2010
  • Harisg

    When Alexander the Great was about to die, his generals rushed by his deathbed and asked him to appoint a succesor. "To the Best!" he replied. These past few days a big part of the lostpedia community, including myself, behaves as if these were also the last words of Darlton. The two extremes: the haters and the believers - all trying to prove their respective points. The debate is now more "religious" in nature than ever. With these points in mind, I am now probably writing my last blog.

    I have described elsewhere the finale as appealing to my heart and not my intellect. This is indeed the case. And this because I acknowledge that my happiness and satisfaction is dependent on both my sentimental and intellectual worlds, if such a division …

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  • Harisg

    I have been reading Sean's posts and I am compelled to say that I am with him in almost everything he says (except the fact that I am an ardent fan of both sci-fi and the supernatural). I chose to include his name in the title because he personifies the intellectual - now disillusioned - Lost fan. I have the greatest admiration for works of art that manage to satisfy both my intellect and my heart and Lost seemed to fit the bill as far as TV series go. Sunday's finale appealed greatly to my heart but not my intellect.

    I feel fine about supernatural elements as long as they obey certain rules (there, I said it!) which have to do with continuity, literary logic and most important of all, the suspension of disbelief. Come to think of it, these…

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  • Harisg

    Ok, I do not expect they will answer, say, what happened to the dead body of Kelvin Inmann, but they should and could (mind you I accept for example the fact that they can't re-address the DI so late in the game) IMO the following (in no particular order):

    - what's the story in Walt looming over the wounded Lock in the Pit?

    - why can't (some) pregnant women give birth on the island?

    - who was the resident of the cabin? Was it a jail or a safe place?

    - WHAT'S IT WITH THE EGYPTIANS? Who finished the DW?

    - Was Mrs Hawking working for MIB? How did she know everything (even things not in Faraday's Journal) beforehand?

    - How could Jacob travel off the island?

    - How could MIB project Christian off the island?

    - What's in Claire's pandora's box (Smokey?)a…

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  • Harisg

    I have been reading the blogposts during the past few weeks and have gradually come to the realization that what we are all doing is making desperate attempts to give personal meanings to the mystery that was Lost. We could keep doing this for months after the series finale, because everything about the series is open-ended and subject to personal interpretation. And I am not talking about the open-ended "greatness" of many serious literary works. This here is a futile exercise - meaningfull to some I'll give you that - a bit like trying to theorize about what is inside a wrapped birthday present given to you by a total stranger. You can maybe tell what it is by its size, its weight and the noise it makes when you shake it. The thing is th…

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  • Harisg

    How exactly does the protector protect the light? Mama crazy hair was a protector of the light, so that others would never find it but what did she do exactly? For example, she could stand guard, but wouldn't that disclose the location? She could surround the source with her happy thoughts or she could chant a protection spell every day after breakfast. Again, like so many things after all, it does not make sense.

    Or does it? Maybe the protector of the light is the smoke monster itself, and that's what we saw it do: absorb MIB's soul to protect the source. Which means that Mama was the protector of the protector, or more reasonably, the one who controls the smoke monster. Then smokey is a security mechanism, just as Russeault had said. Mayb…

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