THINGS That Have Been Answered

People always say Lost is confusing, and often hint it's pointless unanswered confusing (what I would call David Lynch confusing)... but really it answers things very plainly (for sci-fi) and I have reason to expect they will in fact "explain" what's going on. Of course, it is science fiction that means choosing an explanation of your own invention with quite a lot of latitude. Still, a lot of fiction that goes for a mysterious air often paint themselves in corner where there are no decent non-self-contradictory explanation.

Anyway, one of the mysteries I remember hearing about Lost when it was new, which at least partly kept me from watching it until the fourth season break as I'm not fond of David Lynch weird was the polar bears, and that had the most mundane and acceptable explanation possible. A scientific group had been on the island and brought them for research. Of course, that raised the question of why did the scientific organization go there, but this is the point... it's a lie to say Lost doesn't answer mysteries, it's merely that yes, it always give more. But this is like life, each answer is really just another set of questions in disguise.

What former-mysteries do you feel are answered?

Why are the losties on the island? Because they are candidates to replace Jacob? Question opened: why were they candidates.

Who are the others? They are a community formed to nurture candidates, made of candidates and those drawn their by intertwined fate and free will.

Why did people think the passengers were dead? Because someone sunk a dummy plane as a coverup? Who was it? Widmore.

What is the smoke monster? It's a being trapped on the island against its will? Leaves open: why? And what being? And if he was once mortal, how did he become this way.

Will John Locke finally become a winner? Answer: no.

Why is Jack abusing medication? Because he was seeing his dead father again.

Is pressing the button just a psychology test, or is there really danger? It's not just a psychology test, it really is a danger.

Is it possible to affect time? Ok, no answer, but it is possible for two things to happen, so whatever happened happened must be plural.

What is the hatch? The Swan.

Why are the other's obsessed with children? Because they have a deadly infertility problem.

And of course, why did Michael kill Libby and Ana Lucia? Because of DUI.

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