"""The Researcher""" - this type of blogger is well versed in the facts of the show, partially from natural disposition no doubt, but partially through research. When they have an idea, they check... they watch old episodes, they check the wiki, they read the theory pages. I love this type of blogger because they are scholastic about it all, and they add the many facts of the show that I saw, and sometimes remember, but nevertheless overlooked.

"""The Analyst""" - this type of blogger works at what I think of as an organic level, which is that they have abstracted an idea of how the writers are thinking, how they are likely, in their estimation to go. They have the facts on hand, and rely on the Researcher a lot, but make speculation about where the show will go from the many possibilities which are, strictly, possible. I love this type of blogger because they are applying their understanding of writing as an art form actually practiced by real people, and they bring us into the process with their insight.

"""The Speculator""" - the speculator also goes beyond the current facts of the show, trying the guess where it's going, but does not do so strictly based on a notion of how the writers are thinking of the show. Surely, they are informed of such by the analysts, as they are of the current state of affairs by the researcher, but otherwise their speculation is free. Everything that could be used to resolve the mysteries is on the table, even the unlikely, possibly even though denied by the lovable but sometimes lying producers. I love this sort of blogger because they provide not only ideas on lost, but in general, generating a million other strange-science tales which could be told. I must have myself thought of three or four stories that might have been being told in the first season, which turned out not to be the case but which would indeed be good stories.

My point, you are all so great you make me shiver with joy every time I load lostpedia.

Now... I argue many things online, this is the first TV show I remember discussing, usually it's politics, philosophy of mind, language, and so on... people get mad, and I always think it counter productive, but understandable... issues like abortion etc have real world ramifications which make people emotional and not for no reason. However... when discussing something like a show, with fellow fans... remember, you are fellows, period, whether you like each other or not... and you need each other so that there is more than one opinion and discussion can occur. The same is true in all discourse, but hard to see. In this context, we should all be able to see it, in my opinion.

If any type of blogger bugs you... well, don't read em, cause I will, I love you all.

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