As the show drives toward a showdown which is in part or full the story of some powerful force trying to leave the island, the focus more and more is on the plane. People want access to the plane to get off the island. I don't get this. That plane is not going anywhere. All right, it's Lost, it's sci-fi, and a better plane and runway could appear from another universe, but barring that... a plane like that isn't meant to take off of a sand runway, and assuming the plane is air-worthy, it's still jammed into the jungle on the long side of a pathetic runway... how will they even turn it around? Maybe they don't need to fly the plane, but just use it as a portal.

PS: as an aside, the show now revolves around imprisonment of one individual, but this individual is a force, akin to a force of nature. That could mean a summary of "it was about the imprisonment of the God XYZ"... but MIB was once an ordinary man, so what's with that?

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