Ok... I thought I'd jot down a few thought after the premiere. One... no surprise for me to the hits taken to WHH in general... I always felt if you could puts someone's death off even an hour, then WHDH... it may try to course correct, of course, and that is what WHH really is... however, I was suprised they split the present in two. I did think they were more One Thing Happening At a Time than that.

The temple... I never thought there was a temple BEHIND the wall. I thought the temple was that dark underground place. I figured they'd put Sayid on a stone and the smoke would heal him or something. I was looking forward to seeing that. I was totally dumbfounded that there is a community of monks living there we've never seen... but then, that's the point of an isolated temple, and not actually surprising... I just didn't think of it. I sort of wish they were more mystical and less regular "ok shoot em" types found on the island, but, heh, it's Lost, all is War I guess. In the end I love the introduction of this new group and also that many of the main characters are already holed up with them... they've been introduced quickly, no need for teasing considering why the cast has gone there, and since all hell is going to break loose.

The Nemesis is the smoke monster. Wow. Good Call those that called it... I didn't think so. I thought maybe he controlled it... but I thought the monster was sort of a beast... mindlessly doing some job, more or less, or even the expression of the island... not a creature that would communicate and talk english.

I love the turn around in Jack... it's been explained and tracked so well, when Hurley says he can save him, Jack just nods, go ahead and try. He's not a man of faith, per se, but he's a man of agnostic, can't hurt, why not, maybe there's a healing fountain.

I'm also glad Obi Wan Jacob will be in the show, I hope regularly, though dead.

Also, I'm with everyone else that Terry O'Quinn playing two different people in the same body is awesome... and shows what a good actor he is... has always been. He's been on so many things over the years, I've always thought he was good (but never committed his name to memory till Lost) and I'm glad he's having this hit he deserves and is serving so well. I think him as Nemesis is eve better than him as John. Him as both, and that speech he gave about Locke's last thoughts as nemesis, brilliantly done. So sad and final. The mysteries of what John's destiny was don't wait, that's answered. He was a pawn to the end. HOWEVER: he did have the best three years of his life.

Anyway, if you don't like this sort of brain dump blog, why'd you read it?

Feedback appreciated.

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