Julius Caesar lived around 50BC and this marks the transition from the Roman Republic to the Roman Empire. Latin was spoken centuries earlier as well, but they tell us Adam and Eve lay there 2000 years, so we are talking about the end of the Roman Republic.

Dynastic Ancient Egypt lasted millenia, starting around 3000BC and ended in the terms we see before the founding of rome. It's possible the symbolism was used by someone else, but I have an alternate idea I like unless contradicted.

I think the ancient egyptians were on the island, and perhaps fake mother was installed by them. The statue and the other artifacts of theirs were on the island, though other people recapitulated the designs, e.g. putting hieroglyphics in the underground tunnels and button counters.

This theory implies to me that there are two rolls, the ancient egyptian smoke monster, which must be replace, perhaps specifically by the guardian's murderer. The guardian then keeps the monster on the island... to keep their hands clean. Part of Lost is about how that doesn't actually leave your hands clean if this is true.

This more ancient knowledge on the island might be why the romans were able to figure out how to manipulate the island's energy by ducting water and light through the energy. Personally I can think this if they don't contradict it... it has nothing to do with expecting them to confirm it. With all the Egyptian mythology they've implied something...

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