I really enjoy Lost, and I happen to have the view that whatever the writers do to resolve Lost is fine. In a lot of ways they have promised to explain things, and however they do is fine, because it's theirs to resolve.

However, I sort of didn't appreciate the idea that there had to be these incidental similarities of things that only matter at the level of human interaction. And if there were similarities, they should be literal, not "any dead body but good shoes will help"... I like the lamp post station, with the pendulum, it's the hard-sci-fi side of this stuff.

I am totally not saying how the story should go, and if they want to describe a world where that sort of stuff affects these things, I'm going to listen to it to the end no doubt. But I would have been happy with the island shifting under flights, endangering them. I sort of want to see a system where that flight was going to go down, or at least had a chance to.

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