Things I noticed:

  • Desmond tells Kelvin he has to "let go"
  • I was reminded Penny knows to look for magnetic discharge to find Demond, she knows more about the island that we ever learn explicitly
  • John is great when he realizes, then says, "I was wrong" as the hatch implodes.
  • John was a tool of the MiB at that point, already, clearly, in a way that looks intentional.
  • I was thinking on the first watch that that hall was a terrible place to watch an explosion, it's great when charlie says something like "um, eko, this might not be a good idea, this is a pretty confined--- oh shit"
  • It occurs to me the I wonder if the exposue to electromatgnetci made desmond, charlie, eko, and locke all candidates for being taken over, having been saturated with the light.
  • It was interesting knowing Radzinsky to hear the referenced to him, his death, his photographic memory, and ability to paint invisible maps in blacklight paint.
  • I think that the reason the button has to be pushed, rather than placed on a timer, is that a person has to discharge the energy of their own free will. The energy is linked to consciousness, and when released, it can be either good or bad based on the free will that releases it. People have to press the button, with the desire to save the world to release it safely. (?)

that is all.

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