I'm a realist and I do not need answers to every little thing. On the other hand, while some people hate one line answers, and really prefer probably that their question not be addressed that way at all, I like them fine. If it's not important to the writers, that's fine, don't write a bunch of scenes to explain it, much can be done in a few lines of dialog. You don't have to rehire actors that were going to have more scenes, and it doesn't have to be forced into the dialog-- so much is happening its about time these people start saying to each other... "remember--- so that's why".

Mysteries that would get one line answers in my ideal world... (well, not really, as I'm not a writer of lost even in my ideal world).

  • How does Walt's ESP-whatever kill birds. I assume it's electromagnectic... the birds ram into the building near him. And why were they scared of it? example: "Walt was special because of electromagnetic properties of his brain, which allows short time travel... he can appear where he shouldn't be."
  • Why were the Tubes from the one psychology experiment just on the surface... if the operators of that station were the real subjects, wouldn't someone collect what they wrote as part of that study? The system was designed to eject them there... shifts in that station were not that long, so why so many if, for example, they had piled up after the purge?
  • Can I get me a "Henry Gale"?
  • Is Vincent special (just kidding, of course he's special) (is he MIB? also kidding).
  • Why was Libby at the mental health hospital?
  • Why did the MIB try to drag Locke underground, what was the idea?
  • why do whispers preced the smoke monster (electromagnect phenomenon?)
  • more I'll probably think of right after I post


I have gotten many one line answers that others refuse to accept... MIB was christian at least those first times. The whispers are the voices of the island's dead, the blackrock was put in the island by a tsunami, and much more.

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