I've been saying it is the Island that is evil, look at it's leaders, look at their radical embrace of "the ends justify the means"... but "Follow The Leader" changed that. Richard is not a sure shepard. Ben didn't ever actually see Jacob (well, we don't know but I love that it's raised)... in other words, these people doing things because "jacob" said so... were just being manipulative in Ben's case. That's how it always struck me. I'd never follow the man I never met, told to me by some religious master... and I would not believe the ends justifies the means... that someone that does what Ben does could be doing it for the greater good.

But now, it's just possible, the island fell under the control of evil people, since, finally, the narrative allows that interpretation within the story, as opposed to appearing to endorse all that evil, torture, and violent immorality.

I still think Richard seems good though, but who knows, that might be out the window too, I guess we'll have to see.


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