First, because of the high emotion, let me explain, I'm not the sort of person that enjoys himself for hours and hours, and then because of some final asppect, say the way somethings wrapped up, thinks of that enjoyment as wasted, or recasts it as unenjoyment. The writers created this create island. Fact is, I would have explored more of the fascinating pseudo-science, not because they have to, but because they created a great flexible mythos. The show could in fact have ended the same, there was enough time to carry the ball on the wierd-science front.

FIRST: my original thought about lost is they were using a bermuda triangle angle... an island that attracts or causes crashes, and is a lost land. I think that pretty much is accurate.

E.g. 1: Compass settings. The idea that you need particular compass setting to find the island, and thus to approach it the right way is great, and metaphorically fits in with all the manipulation, which is "aproaching a human situation from the 'right' angle". The idea that approaching from different angles causes time travel, which was an impression i once got, is even cooler. I would have explored that. I would have showed dharma plane traffic control with time warp included, and I would have shown the supply plane dispatched from 1976 that drops for the losties... and I would have had Jin flying it.

I would have had them need a compass to find the lighthouse, the cabin, etc etc.

I would have had the dharma year have more science (pseudo), and I would have had them explain the light as some form of force that explains living consciousness in EM terms. Actually, I would invoke qm but's that's just me, and I like the all-EM retro thing... And Walt's power were electromagnetic, the birds died by flying into the walls due to his strong magnetic field. People like this affect the compass directions. I would have had them return to the island this way, rather than by wearing the correct shoes (no offense intended to the shoe-lovers out there).

Tunisia: I would have followed this up a little. I'm fine with the Egyptian influence being the background, I think it's implied well enough... given it and the roman kill-mother, ok, she wasn't the first guardian. No need to have a complete explanation with Egyptian characters, but the compass science could have mentioned the connection point in Tunisia, it could have been mentioned it was originally there, when it was tropical, and was put into this EM vortex by XYZ because of the coming desert. Or whatever, the point would b to mention the magnetic lines. Indeed, pictures and use of the magnetic field lines of earth could have been cool as part of the "finding a way back to the island" effort.

PS: sorry about the duplicate! I don't see a delete, it's probably right over here.

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