Here is my first pass at an explanation of the need to leave the island by a particular compass directions, unified with an explanation of how the food drop could have worked.

A note about the project:

Some think this is grief, trying to change the show. Ironically, they say "move on"... because Lost says so :) Do not worry about me... the issue is merely that Lost gave me and others interesting ideas about how things worked. Where the writers contradicted our ideas (the other's are primitives) then that's that, but where the show did not exclude our explanations, there lie underpinnings that explain much of the wierd-science we got in the first few seasons. It's not really "hard sci-fi" but "reasoned-si-fi"... e.g. there are ghosts, the whisperers... but this too can have reason, explanation.

The laws of deconstruction say that this universe presents us with evidence, empirical cases, but what we interpret from those is not up to some creator. If god created stuff as is, we are still the one that invent "laws" to explain it. Ultimatly the author(s), especially in a big collaboration are also only witnesses. Facts come to the story from their subconscious, things that they can't explain still can have explanations, and indeed, these might be vocalizations which were unconscious in the author. But even if an author was intentional, the fiction is tied only to what he wrote into the story, not in his interpretations, which in the end are just more interpretations (albeit especially interesting ones).

So the project is a brain dump of how we all tie the weird-science together because whether the authors did at one point, or not... we do.

I don't mind how Lost ended or was, it was what it was. Even with the spiritual ending, I would have liked it done differently... tied into an explanation of the whisperers... still spiritual, still character driven, and all about "moving on"... but with tie in and reason... but I respect that they went away from even that sort of rationalism. Doesn't mean the world they told their story in can't be interpreted rationally. The way I see it, they ended up exposing the spiritual and faith interpretation. That leaves the rational one to us. Thanks! I'll take it!

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