I am all science, in stead of faith I adopt principles conditionally on confirming them. But I like all kinds of science fiction. Ray Bradbury was one of the best, he never explained how a couple kids could get inside a video (The Veldt)... didn't have to. It was about the story.

Thing is... if this really was the way it was supposed to play out, I think we'd have a bit more discussion about what happened. The fact is they did keep up coming back for answers, and with questions, and we are told "it doesn't matter if you don't get what you kept coming back for, just be thankful you kept coming back, we are!"

Note: I'm still here, I think the show presented awesome ideas all over the map. I don't think many of these ideas contradict one another and to me the system is coherent. Though the idea that it's about moving on, and really it doesn't matter what you do so long as you get over it eventually (even after death) doesn't suit me... I don't mind it, and I find it interesting and have discussed such ideas at great length with friends and family. It is a good metaphor for living... no so much for death.

I don't really judge their narrative, I always see things I would do differently, it's not a sign of disrespect. In the end, if a work of fiction has stimulated a few ideas, it's "good" and no matter what they do to it, it's not "bad", it's merely something I would have done differently in some hypothetical sense.

But the reaction to Lost seems to show, laugh and point all you want... it was a show about answers. I don't expect those, or demand them, I'm just noticing that I think there would be a lot of people here buzzing about the show still if we had a framework to think about from the writers. But wait... we DO, I think. There is such a framework. They made it a little to implicit, I think the audience wanted a little more closure on the character of the island. It is about character, but the island was a character we never really met.

If there are those that want to tinker with ideas:

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