I love lost. But one thing I found very curious about it at one point had nothing to do with any of the traditional mysteries we love to spin over and over. It has to do with the issue of pregnancy and espc. when Sun got pregnant.

I don't understand why a medical professional, Jack or Julliete, etc, knowing that a birth was going to kill the mother (100% mortality gets doctor's attention), would not even bring up abortion. I understand that as a literary issue... the writers want the drama... but that can be retained by simply having the characters be pro-life (or if not in general pro-life, at least wanting to take the risk (100%??!?)). The others could easilly be pro-life. Sun could have said after all that time trying the island gave her a chance and she would take it.

The plot could be unchanged.

But I don't get why a doctor like Jack would not even mention this as a possibility. The pressure on the show at the time was "will Sun be saved"... I know abortion is never popular, and not everyone supports it, but it's also a standard medical procedure which would certainly save Sun's life. I can see reasons for abortion not to be chosen... but I don't understand why it wasn't mentioned.

PS: I like all the references, including the bible references on the show, but I hope the whole thing doesn't turn out to be a parable or biblical lesson of some sort... I don't think that will happen, but the faith v science thread and this "abortion not an option" part of the show does make me wonder. Having said that, I've gotten so much enjoyment from Lost, if they end it some way I don't like... I'll never begrudge them... I've gotten more that enough enjoyment out of it to remain thankful. cheers

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