I was banned from Lostpedia the last few days... the reason the site gave was that I was intimidation/harrasment/personal insult. I feel certain I harrassed and insulted no one, but I have sometimes been told I'm intimidating, so fine, I would like only to know what I did. At this point is seems random to me... the most insulting I've been was in a comment that the petty bickering was pointless... which it is. Was that it? Do any of you feel personally insulted by me? I spend most my lostpedia time in the blogs now, so I suppose it would have to have been someone here that felt insulted.

I like Lost, if I can't speak here, that will not be the end of the world, but I do enjoy it, so I would be happy to adjust to local netiquette. But since the banning feels random to me lacking more information, one must know that it's very hard to change one's behavior to avoid randomness. At best it accomplishes nothing but a stiffling effect, "walking on eggshells" and at worst creates paranoia and worse problems.

Sometimes I argue philosophical or political points (elsewhere) that can get heated, in those case I might feel similarly, that my contribution was not intimidating but just heated discussion... but the thing is, on Lostpedia, I don't think I've been in any heated discussion, and as it's just a show, albeit a really good one, I can't imagine GETTING in a heated discussion. No heat is appropriate to this discussion in my opinion.

So, as I've contacted the administrator that banned me, pltkrn, and gotten no answer by email in the last four days, perhaps one of your can tell me what the comment might have been. Perhaps those of you that have run into me here can tell me what the perception is that would lead to me being interpreted as intimidating. As for harrassment or personal insult... that I know I have not done by the traditional definitions of those words. If my experience with web site administration holds true, this blog itself may be seen as a violation, as an intimidation, since a refusal to submit to authority never sits well with administrators. I sympathise with that, it's hard to administer web sites and so many people are fine being jerks online... it's not a simple issue to address the jerks without taking out a few with friendly fire.

I don't case blame, I'm not screaming about my rights being oppressed, quite the opposite, I'm willing to assume there was a reason, I just think it's reasonable of me to want to know the specific case(s) from which the given reason were applied, so I can know what it really means.

If I'm banned again, for this blog, then I'll know all I need to know, and good luck with it.

cheers, harcourt

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