This may or may not be a real employee, but his explanation makes the last few seasons of Lost make sense, and explains exactly what was the spiritual vision (it's about Soulmates). Also, he confirms that the breadcrumbs in the other parts of lost, like the Dharma story, were not pointless, just not fully explained (that is, they do have simple explanations the writers believed... though some things of course might be interpreted differently by different writers if they are not committed to in the show).

Dharma, he says, was brought by Jacob to kill the MiB, as were countless candidates. Jacob's mother's murderer didn't have to deal with such a malevolent force, and neither does Hurley, so Jacob tried to bring someone that could destroy it. I prefer the idea that MiB brought dharma as "wise men" to figure out how to use the island to escape it... but I also like the idea the alleged Bad Robot employee gives. It makes sense.

In fact, it sort of fixed the show for me as is, though it doesn't make me want to stop speculating about how those things hook together, and character issues like what role Widmore really played, and why were some of the dead stuck in limbo on the island as whispers and what are their existences like. What's the daily life at the Temple, what role do they play? Who was in the cabin... etc etc... but I think like the issues this guy explains, those all have sensible ideas that were part of the writer's internal canon, which we can still assume, speculate, and hopefully read leaked :)

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