Answer to lost. Hopefully these don't count as spoilers since I've used my own ESP to figure out the following facts.

What follows are all the answers to Lost that matter:

  • It turns out Richard thought Ben was going to the statue the whole time... "you were going to cabin?! That's where Nemesis lives you idiot!"
  • The Polar Bears were not there fore simple research, they were actually running dharma at the time
  • The Smoke Monster is the Abyss where if you gaze into it, you to become a monster.
  • Libby had had a mental breakdown due to having invested all her money in a diamond venture with Sawyer's father after barely recovering from bad back surgery by Jack's father, after smoking some bad pot with Hurley's father.
  • Walt is special because he was able to get the cable working in room 23 again.
  • Jacob and Nemesis are actually everyone on the island, reincarnated through time loops again and again... or so they think.
  • The Smoke Monster was created by Jacob and Nemesis' father to protect them in their playground. Both are 2 years old in their own time scales and the island is a nursery.
  • The whispers are people dislodged in time, in a place where the true other's go inbetween dimensions where all the numbers are transcendental.
  • The discharge was the release of electrical energy built up because of magma flow underneath the Earth's volcanoes. The Island is where the Pole Shift begins.
  • The reason no one can have a baby on the island is because Nemesis jammed up the reincarnation lines so there would be room for a duplicate soul.
  • The reason Ben could return to the island when he said he couldn't is he's a lying bastard.
  • The frozen wheel was created by an ancient society that worshiped Nemesis that Jacob destroyed.
  • Richard arrived on the Black Rock looking for bread fruit. Finding none, he stayed forever.
  • Henry Gale was a dharma child trying to find a con man that had accidently deposited money in his grandparent's account.
  • Hurley's guitar case is full of Apollo Bars, because this is what Jacob goes through to get his favorite candy out into the middle of the pacific. In fact, that turns out to be the whole point. When Jacob touches you, he's really stashing candy on you via slight of hand, which he then takes back when something on the island eventually kills you.
  • The Well was built by a bunch of tech geeks in the 80s as one of the first online communities, because there was a rope sticking out right there.
  • The glass eye belonged to Mikhael... and he can still see through it.

You may continue to muse about these things and blog, but really, why bother it's all figured out. I'm going for a walk.

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