Ok, Sawyer, Miles, communication by walkie talkie is not secure.

Also... Sawyer! See what happens... the guy that works for him gives him the benefit of the doubt, and he knocks him cold. What next Sawyer, gonna kill him?! And Sawyer is in on murder and body delivery... puts a kink in the Sawyer's-done-good feel.

Dharma initiative is full of a bunch of fake hippies with "circle of trust" talk about organized criminal activities. They are all angry and dysfunctional.

I want to see more of their scientific work, so I liked that they got into a little of that and that Chang was in the episode.

I do wonder if Chang really abandoned his son, or if the mother lied, because while Chang is a little hot tempered, they did go out of their way to show him in a loving moment with little Miles.

All in all, I think the answer to who's good and who's evil looks more and more like, people are both good and evil, but the island is evil. Everyone on it develops this kill-at-will kind of mentality, the "kill for the greater good" mentality.

It looked for a while, and the writers may confirm, that the island is good because though it brings the evil out of you, you solve it in the process. But the leaders of the others and many others have not, and don't seem to, solve this problem. Widmore wants to kill a baby and young woman, Ben, ditto a hundred times over. Even Locke, kill a stranger with no warning... like religious zealots drawn mad by some petty god.

the Island is teh evil.

PS: I think John McCain may be Jacob.

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