• Harcourt

    Things I noticed:

    • Desmond tells Kelvin he has to "let go"
    • I was reminded Penny knows to look for magnetic discharge to find Demond, she knows more about the island that we ever learn explicitly
    • John is great when he realizes, then says, "I was wrong" as the hatch implodes.
    • John was a tool of the MiB at that point, already, clearly, in a way that looks intentional.
    • I was thinking on the first watch that that hall was a terrible place to watch an explosion, it's great when charlie says something like "um, eko, this might not be a good idea, this is a pretty confined--- oh shit"
    • It occurs to me the I wonder if the exposue to electromatgnetci made desmond, charlie, eko, and locke all candidates for being taken over, having been saturated with the l…
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  • Harcourt


    June 1, 2010 by Harcourt

    In the end, whatever we think we think, we all end up with an interpretation of events, especially fictional events. At this point, I can think whatever I like about Lost that doesn't contradict what was shown. E.g. I can think that the black smoke is not smoke, but merely looks like it, but I cannot think it was Jacob in John Locke's visage.

    So for example I do not believe the black smoke was smoke. It may look a bit like smoke, but smoke does not look like that. To me, it looks like charged particles moving on magnetic field lines. If MiB is made of energy, and can therefore control himself as a cloud of energy, then the smoke is really black magnetic crushed volcanic rock and ash. The magnetism is so powerful there is sound from th…

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  • Harcourt

    This may or may not be a real employee, but his explanation makes the last few seasons of Lost make sense, and explains exactly what was the spiritual vision (it's about Soulmates). Also, he confirms that the breadcrumbs in the other parts of lost, like the Dharma story, were not pointless, just not fully explained (that is, they do have simple explanations the writers believed... though some things of course might be interpreted differently by different writers if they are not committed to in the show).

    Dharma, he says, was brought by Jacob to kill the MiB, as were countless candidates. Jacob's mother's murderer didn't have to deal with such a malevolent force, and neither does Hurley, so Jacob tried to bring someone that could destroy it…

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  • Harcourt


    May 31, 2010 by Harcourt

    I am all science, in stead of faith I adopt principles conditionally on confirming them. But I like all kinds of science fiction. Ray Bradbury was one of the best, he never explained how a couple kids could get inside a video (The Veldt)... didn't have to. It was about the story.

    Thing is... if this really was the way it was supposed to play out, I think we'd have a bit more discussion about what happened. The fact is they did keep up coming back for answers, and with questions, and we are told "it doesn't matter if you don't get what you kept coming back for, just be thankful you kept coming back, we are!"

    Note: I'm still here, I think the show presented awesome ideas all over the map. I don't think many of these ideas contradict one an…

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  • Harcourt

    Ok ok ok. Now, I say that Lost did finish on the faith side, a bit... but let's get a few things ordered. When I see people saying it's just like Jesus, he just IS GOD. Um hold on a minut. Lost got spiritual, but it did not say "have faith just because"... quite the opposite. JACOB WAS FLAWED, he brought harm to his brother, he ignored the crime committed on his mother and he exploited people weaknesses, manipulating them through their lives to bring them to the island regardless of their will. We know that those were just Jacob's rules, and Hurley seems to have been able to run the show the Hurley way (can't wait to see that!)

    The story on the character line to me is not, "answers don't matter"... lost gave tons of answers which is wh…

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