I've read a lot of blogs and posts and one thing I've noticed is that people are getting very vicious toward each other!!! To tell the truth, I've been like that too. I think everyone should do a bit of research before blogging, because then we end up with stupid, useless blogs, that people get mad at. From what I've read (please correct me if I'm wrong, and pease be nice about it, I don't want people to start a heated conversation on something that is trying to make things better) I've heard that some people think that Aaron is Jacob. (I know, I'm getting into this Jacob business now) And I think I heard people saying that Jacob is Christian's father. So that would mean that Aaron would have to marry his own grandmother to have Christian. (Which is sick) Or it could be something like that for Jack too. I think that if Jacob is someone who we have seen before (not including the real Jacob we saw in the cabin in The Man Behind the Curtain) he would have to be someone who we haven't seen much of, and who hasn't talked yet. Just my random little theory though. Please tell me what you think, and how you feel about all the random blogs.

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