I looked up a few names of some of the main characters, and other characters, and I found out what they mean. Who knows, it might help us figure out a bit more of lost.

Jack- God is gracous, supplanter Kate- Pure, virginal (haha! Not at all like her!) Sawyer- Cuts timber, woodcutter, sawswood James-supplanter Jim-Derived from Jacob. Supplanter Sun- Goodness Jin- (it was actually a girl name!) tenderness Boone- Good, a blessing Shannon- Little wise owl, little old wise Sayid- Master Walt- former of walter, powerful warrior Michael- like God (Not at all!) John- God is gracous, merciful (well . . . not the new John) Charlie-nickname for Charles Charles- Manly, farmer Claire- Clear, bright Aaron- enlightened, lofty, exalted Ben- nickname for Benjamin Benjamin- Right-hand son Juliet- Soft haired Jacob- Supplanter Ana Lucia (They didn't have one for the whole name, so I looked up Ana, and Lucia seperatly) Gracous Light Libby- consecreted to God, nickname for Elizabeth Elizabeth- My God is bountiful Hurley- Sea tide Hugo- intellegent Alex- protector of mankind Danielle- God is my judge Daniel- God is my judge Miles- Soldier, servant, merciful Charlotte- feminine Frank- Free Martin (you know, Martin Keamy) warlike, warring Richard- strong ruler

I forgot a lot, like the Dharma folk. I might do them later.

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