remember when Daniel told everone that they can't change the past, but then told Desmond to find his mother, and then Desmond wakes up remembering that that happened, , well, when Daniel is talking to Desmond, he says that Des is special, and that the rules don't apply to him (or something like that). So since Daniel knows so much about the island, he knew that he could change the past for Desmond, but it won't work for anyone else. And when Little Ben was shot by Sayid, we were all like "But what about what Daniel said??? I thought he said that they can't change the past!!!" We were all confused (except maybe the writers) but then when we found out that that was supposed to happen we are starting to believe that Daniel is right again, and that they can't change the past. If they do something, it has already happened for the other people, but not for the Losties. Just like what Miles was telling Hurley. I'm still wondering what happened to Dan. What are your thoughts?

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