• HankGale

    I was watching Old School last night ("that's what old people do... they die") and totally forgot that Terry O'Quinn played Mitch's boss. Later on, I saw Phil playing a stooge (big stretch).

    This got me thinking about other movies/tv shows that have featured Lost characters together, either as major characters or bit parts. Sort of goes with the character-connection theme of the show!

    Use their Lost character's name and movie/tv show. Here are 2 that come to mind:

    1. Locke & Phil -- Old School

    2. Michael & Mr. Eko -- OZ - they both ruled in that show!

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  • HankGale

    I've had a blister on my brain about this for a while now, and I need to get this off my chest. Someone may have already pointed it out, and bear with me, but I'm not good with ep titles.

    Chronologically, Ben came into Rousseau's tent and stole Alex, right? Wouldn't you remember the man's face who stole your child? It wasn't a snatch and grab by any means; Ben looked at Danielle and told her if she hears whispers to run the other way.

    Then, in season 2, Danielle catches Ben in a net (which I still think was intentional on Ben's part - what, was he just roaming the jungle?) and fetches Said to investigate. How can she NOT remember Ben stealing Alex?? She tells Said he is "one of them" but obviously forgot (?) that he was the man from the…

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