• HOUSE7676


    February 4, 2010 by HOUSE7676

    Take another look at the tapestry. Maybe the MIB becomes the Eye of Horus if he reaches home (the temple). We know the MIB doesn't like freewill, maybe his end game is getting to the temple were he can mind control everyone so that it doesn't end in destruction. Jacob believes in mankind. MIB has a "Terminator" "Matrix" view. He is not evil, but thinks in order for humans to survive he must mind control them. Thought??

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  • HOUSE7676

    Just a thought

    January 4, 2010 by HOUSE7676

    What if the island is a test in our humanity and if we pass this test we move on to the next stage in evolution. Many time we have failed, but we are witnessing is the time we succeed. Just a thought.

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  • HOUSE7676

    The Final Battle

    December 2, 2009 by HOUSE7676

    Here is thought that rolled into an a amazing theory. I was thinking about the DHARMA logo and the Bagua Map relation.

    If you notice there are eight sections. This has to mean something.

    This is when I thought about Jack's tattoo.

    Now look at the white section the Bagua Map. Solid bar, solid bar, two bars. Look at Jacks tattoo. So, maybe there is a pattern; Jack represents the white section. Following this logic I would place Sawyer as Red, Jin as Pink, Hurley as Grey, Locke as Black (Life path),Sayid as Blue, Kate as Green, Sun as Purple.

    The colors are up for discussion.

    In Mysteries of the Universe they talk about the symbol meaning defense from all sides or something of that sort. So here's where it gets trippy. So when Jacob is push…

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  • HOUSE7676

    Long time reader, first time blogger...

    So I am re-watching "The other woman" and I thought of something while Harper appeared to Juliet. Here is my idea: I think that the whispers are the smoke monsters noise. Either there are two monsters or one that has two faces; not sure. However, I think you have an invisible one (that whispers you hear when it is around you) and the black smoke (which makes the noise we know and love). This would make since when people just magically appear when the whispers are heard. This is the invisible smoke monster appearing just as the black smoke appears.

    Any thoughts?

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