• Guywoodman7

    I was listening to the podcast rehashing the episode, "The Substitute" when all of this hit me. One of the questions (@ 15:40 in the podcast) that gets posed to Damon and Carlton was "If you had to choose which reality to live in: Island 2007 or LA X 2004, which would it be and why?"

    Damon gives his answer, which isn't important, but then goes on to stress:

    "You cannot treat these two things as entirely separate entities, they are NOT alternate time lines"

    That's when everything hit me. If we are not actually dealing with 2 separate time lines, then maybe what we are dealing with, is 2 separate lives. Meaning all the Losties we have come to know and love, are all living out "new" lives in the Flash Sideways (FS). I wouldn't be surprised if…

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