What a waste of an episode. And I adore Sayid, but Personally I think that Cruse and Lindleof have spent a bit too much time reading and believing their own press. It is like, what was a brilliant show, has become a fan based perpetual joke. Now let me explain what I mean: The zombie thing,when Sayid wakes up and assures Hurley that he is not a zombie, was a direct reference to jokes made by C&L about the new season not being about zombies.

If I hadnt looked up on you tube 'comic con', I would not know the joke about Hugo saying the thing about Shannon's inhaler.
I live in australia, download the episodes every week, and love, love love the show. But, if you are not in 'the loop' of fans and fanatics, the show has stopped making sense.
What the hell was last night about? what 'in' joke have I missed, that saw precious lost minutes being wasted by sayid fighting the temple guy.
Where is Sawyer? What is going on with Jack and Hurley, and what the hell was that 'why didn't we see this lighthouse before?' "I guess, we werent looking for it' Oh please. I am so dissapointed. someone please explain how I keep the faith. 

I was wondering what on earth I was going to do when Lost finally wrapped up. I think this great thing (the show) just got bigger than the writers could deal with and maybe the only good thing to come out of season 6 is that my pain will be eased at the end, cause I think it is now being written to only make sense to fans who live in america and participate in all the outside of curriculum fan stuff, ie comic con, Lost university, the challenges, cast interviews etc... I don't want to be, but I can't help it, I am really pissed off.

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