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    April 2, 2010 by Guyswherearewe?

    forgive me if someone else has mentioned this, but the lighthouse was filled with mirrors, and each character has looked in the mirror quizzically in the alternate timeline.

    Jin didnt, but sun did this makes me think that sun is the qwon candidate! the mirrors thing has to be a huge clue. Right??? Read more >
  • Guyswherearewe?

    Why do people keep asking about Rose and Bernard. We know what happened to them. They found their Utopia, they built a little oasis in the jungle and they all lived happily ever after. Question answered problem solved! We can now move on, knowing they are happy in their love for each other, and with the simple life. No more mysteries or good vs evil for them, they have set up happy camp and let's leave them to it.

    Read more >
  • Guyswherearewe?

    What a waste of an episode. And I adore Sayid, but Personally I think that Cruse and Lindleof have spent a bit too much time reading and believing their own press. It is like, what was a brilliant show, has become a fan based perpetual joke. Now let me explain what I mean: The zombie thing,when Sayid wakes up and assures Hurley that he is not a zombie, was a direct reference to jokes made by C&L about the new season not being about zombies.

    If I hadnt looked up on you tube 'comic con', I would not know the joke about Hugo saying the thing about Shannon's inhaler. I live in australia, download the episodes every week, and love, love love the show. But, if you are not in 'the loop' of fans and fanatics, the show has stopped making sense. Wh… Read more >
  • Guyswherearewe?
    Every word is vital, every action a clue. By the way are the flash sideways annoying anyone else, or is it just me?

    They seem like such a waste of time.

    I want to know what is happening on the island, where is Claire? Not what would have happened in 2004.

    I feel as though precious Lost time is being wasted, does anyone have a clue as to what the alternate timeline's purpose is.??

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