As the 10th anniversary of LOST is upon us, thought I'd share with everyone this excellent new book about the show, written from the perspective of fans.

Nobody Does It Alone: Whispers from the LOST Community


Nobody Does It Alone: Whispers from the LOST Community

By Meg Donhauser, Heather Hersey, Brien Gorham, & Cathy Stutzman

Recapture the magic of television's LOST through the eyes of its devoted fan base. "Losties" from all around the globe recount their favorite moments and discuss the show's themes and mysteries through the lens of their own lives. It's time to go back to the Island once more.

In 2004, ABC aired the premiere episode of LOST, a show that would go on to capture the imaginations of millions of fans for six seasons. Years after its final episode, LOST continues to occupy the hearts and minds of those fans who dubbed themselves "Losties." This is their story. Culled from over 200 hundred responses collected around the globe, Nobody Does It Alone: Whispers from the LOST Community tells the story of this phenomenon through the eyes of its most devoted followers.

Fans discuss their favorite memories, share close encounters with the stars of the show, and reflect on how the themes and mysteries of LOST intersect with their own lives. Go back to the Island one more time and recapture the magic of one of television's most beloved stories.

You can download the book here: [1]

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