We can't answer every last question about the show. If we did that, the show would be so pedantic that it would be uninteresting. Take "Star Wars," for example. When the Force was a more ambiguous notion, it was more satisfying than when George Lucas tried to explain it as particles in the blood stream of a Jedi.- Carlton Cuse

On that note, given the gigantic mythology and numerous unanswered questions which we have going into Season 6, which questions would you prefer NOT to have answered? I don't mean questions that you don't care about, but I'm talking more of the questions which may be touched upon, but never fully, truly answered when all's said and done.

Questions, that, when left unanswered add to the shows legacy. In the past, they've talked about the "midi-chlorian" effect in relation to the Numbers. Not being a Star Wars fan, I don't really know much about it. But to put it simply, are there questions that if answered would lessen the appeal? Obviously, there's no logical scientific way to explain Cerberus, so an attempt to do so would be almost a cop-out. So, any thoughts?

Would you really want a truly unsatisfying pseudo-scientific explanation for every single aspect of the mythology that's ever been touched upon but has yet to be answered? If you're like me, and you're answer is no, then which questions would you not want answered? And which questions would you be annoyed about if they didn't answer?

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