Ending, FS & OT Jacob and Nemesis

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So to think about the final picture, [and not to be accused of stating the obvious] jacob is attempting to create a new civilisation of good and nemesis doesn't think it's possible? that is to say, when they made a bet, they had to state the rules and neither can leave until it is settled and until the civilisation IS created, so if they fail, then they're on a loop trying again until something changes. [In the situation a 'loophole' would be nemesis' desperate attempt to leave - admitting defeat?] So that means in the end people or perhaps someone will be good of their own accord, perhaps in some kind of sacrifice for the good of the many.

I know that a good question at this point would be, why would nemesis agree to being trapped on the island for a cause that he doesn't want to happen, but I think maybe that was the terms of the bet, maybe if nemesis turns out to be right, jacob has more to lose. maybe the flash-sideways are a world in which nemesis has won the bet [and gotten rid of the island?], and jacob is gonna win in OT, we have to see which one is real.

thanks again. all feedback is enjoyed and appreciated. x

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