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February 15, 2009
  • Gravityrulesok

    So to think about the final picture, [and not to be accused of stating the obvious] jacob is attempting to create a new civilisation of good and nemesis doesn't think it's possible? that is to say, when they made a bet, they had to state the rules and neither can leave until it is settled and until the civilisation IS created, so if they fail, then they're on a loop trying again until something changes. [In the situation a 'loophole' would be nemesis' desperate attempt to leave - admitting defeat?] So that means in the end people or perhaps someone will be good of their own accord, perhaps in some kind of sacrifice for the good of the many.

    I know that a good question at this point would be, why would nemesis agree to being trapped on the i…

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  • Gravityrulesok

    been thinking.

    Ok so the oceanic six went back [obviously] and they went back basically because of locke, because richard told locke that had to happen and because nemesis told richard. Thus we can conclude that nemesis [and not jacob?] brought them back to the island. Would ajira still have crashed if they weren't on it? Who knows. But if nemesis sent them then maybe what he said to sawyer was a LIE, he's the one that needs people. maybe the cave is his list and the lighthouse is jacob's? Would make sense seeing as the cave is all dark and the lighthouse is just that - light. I think nemesis is recruiting for people to help him sink the island. Anyone who doesn't want the island sunk [widmore] is essentially on jacob's side by default, ev…

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  • Gravityrulesok

    First Blog Post

    March 13, 2010 by Gravityrulesok

    Really loved this:

    Theory on the flash sideways

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