• Got Hooch?

    Okay. I'm not sure if this means anything. Its not a theory. Its an observation, an over analytical observation. It will probably be confusing and have to relevance at all actually lol but I gotta get it out there. Anywho, here are some ben-sayid parallels/connections/lost-type things I noticed in light of the season premiere. It may be far fetched but bear with me. Think back to season 5. Sayid is captured by Dharma dwellers Jin and Sawyer after crashing into 1977 on flight 316.

    Sawyer: "How you doin?" Sayid: "A twelve year old ben linus brought me a chicken salad sandwhich. How do you think I'm doing?"

    No need to recap here. Long story short Sayid ends up thanking little ben for freeing him by shooting him in the gut. Ben is brought to Juiā€¦

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