• Gordebak

    Man in Black is dead

    December 22, 2009 by Gordebak

    I see everybody is disscussing if Jacob's Nemesis or MIB is a shapeshifter. I guess this is because of the "loophole" dialog in the season 5 finale. Some even thinks that he is related to smoke monster.

    Why noone ever thinks that MIB might be smoke monster itself? Maybe MIB was another dead man on the island, and embodied by smoke monster to talk to Jacob. There is no such man as Jacob's Nemesis, I think. It's just the old Smokey everywhere.

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  • Gordebak

    I've heard that TPTB said that the pilot episode contains clues to the show. I recently watched the pilot, and I realized something. In the first scene, when Jack wakes up, he looks up and sees unharmed trees. I guess this means, Jack didn't fall down from the sky, he was just teleported from the plane. This makes sense, if you remember Ben being teleported to Tunisia. The same happened after the Ajira flight too. He woke up near the pond.

    And everybody thinks that 48 survivors from a plane crash without any real damage would be a real miracle. Sayid says that "Nobody is that lucky." in the pilot episode. That means they were all teleported to the island I think.

    This reminds me of the teleportation system of Enterprise in Star Trek.

    And the …

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